Ontario Apprenticeship Program for IT Trades

The Right Solution

If you are operating a technical help desk in Ontario and would be interested in being paid by the Ontario government for helping your employees receive government-certified training, then the Ontario Apprenticeship Training Program for IT Trades might be the solution you're looking for. The Program provides specialized training, geared specifically foremployees working with computer applications, operating systems, hardware, software, network components, and information systems. With an incentive of up to $5,000 per apprentice, per year for a 3-year period, this is an ideal opportunity to help make your service offering more attractive with a highly skilled, well-educated and motivated labour force.

Apprenticeship is viewed by the province as an important contributor to the provincial economic engine and, with The Program, they have specifically targeted the Information Technology space making it easier to train your employees while maintaining your targets.

How the Apprenticeship Helps

Aside from the economic incentives and cash flow from participation, government-certified apprentices result in a stronger and more attractive work force and service offering for you. In fact, people are more likely to do business with a company that offers apprenticeships. Employees are also more attracted to and committed to a company that offers them an opportunity for transferable government certification. The outcome of engaging your company and employees in The Program is truly a win-win scenario. Once your apprentice completes all required training segments, as listed in the Schedule of Training booklet, and all sign-off signatures are obtained, the apprentice will receive their government certification. As a certified apprentice, your employee is technically a journeyperson and can 'train' apprentices in the On-The-Job portion of the training curriculum, in addition to your management and, if applicable, training department staff. Having a journeyperson on staff will also save on your training expenditures while enhancing your commitment to employee growth and learning.

The Program was created almost 12 years ago, and is aimed at bringing about a significant growth in the number of employers offering apprenticeships. The financial incentive was set high in order to capture employers wanting to create a solid, interactive, consistent training environment for their employees, management and professionals.

The Ontario Apprenticeship Training Program

The Ontario government has created apprenticeship-training programs, which cover approximately 150 trades in four traditional sectors: Motive Power, Construction, Industrial and Service. The IT Trades are captured under the Service Sector header.

Currently there are about 320,000 people employed in the IT space alone in Ontario and this number is increasing as many companies are now learning that having a well-educated, well-trained labour force is critical in today’s front-line help desk operations, where employees must deliver service quickly and proficiently. There is an increasing demand for these employees to handle advanced software and systems for both Network and Hardware related work.

The Process

The training, like most apprenticeships, is broken into two delivery methods; Learning Outcomes (off-the-job) that makes up approximately 10% of the program and Performance Objectives (on-the-job) that makes up the remaining portion. The Learning Outcomes training is provided to you by a Ministry-approved Training Delivery Agent. The Performance Objectives training, however, is your responsibility. This should not deter you from participating in this program as ApprenticeLMS and their Training Delivery Agent partners specialize in providing support in this area as well as throughout the entire training program

Find Out If This Program Is Right For You In 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1 - Contact apprenticeLMS for your free no obligation feasibility study

  • We conduct a due diligence study of the MTCU Training standard to ensure a good fit to the Network and Hardware Technician trades:
    • 634 B Hardware Technician
    • 634 C Network Technician

Step 2 - Register as an OAP Sponsor – apprentcieLMS provides the complete application package

  • Once accepted into the program by the Ministry, you are requested to sign a 'Sponsor' agreement.

Step 3 - Enrol your employees

  • Since the calculation for the refundable tax credit starts the day the Ministry enrolls your employees, you need to encourage your employees to register with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities as an apprentice. They will then receive a Schedule of Training for their trade code (there are five different trade code types in the IT program).
  • The apprentice will receive Off-The-Job training by a Ministry-approved Training Delivery Agent and the On-The-Job training by your organization / company or with the help of ApprenticeLMS.
  • An apprentice registration of $60.00 applies for each apprentice you enroll in this program.

Step 4 - Review progress

  • Now considered a Sponsor, you are expected to provide and/or coordinate all of the necessary training, direction and support to your registered apprentices throughout the course of the apprenticeship program.

Step 5 - Collect the Ministry cheque

  • Submit the required forms attached to a business tax form and you will receive a cheque from the Ministry for up to $5,000 per registered apprentice per year for up to 3 years. This is not a traditional tax credit, as you receive cash back for each eligible apprentice.

Wrap Up

When you're trying to build and maintain a positive and productive workforce, training is crucial to ensuring a successful result. And when it comes to employee training, you have several different options available to you, but how many provincial training programs offer you so much a financial reward and transferable government training for your employees?

Now, more than ever, savvy IT companies are 'walking the walk' when it comes to developing and retaining the best employees they can find. They acknowledge the need to invest in development and more specifically in employee training. The Program is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your level of commitment to walking the walk.

It's Real

Imagine a provincial training program that will provide government certification to your employees; improve your productivity; increase job satisfaction; increase employee retention, and provide you with a cheque for up to $5,000 per apprentice per year. Is there any reason not to participate in this program?

Whether its off- or on-the-job training requirements, administration of employee documentation and ministry forms, or coordination of employee registration, ApprenticeLMS will help make the process a smooth one.

Contact us today and let's discuss this program in more detail!

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