634A - Technical Support Agent

IT Contact Centre Technical Support Agent is a non-restricted certified trade regulated by the Apprenticeship and Certification Act. Upon successful completion of the program, a person working in this trade is entitled to a Certificate of Apprenticeship.

Training Standard

Program Duration

Approximately 4000 hours on-the-job and off-the-job training as determined by industry guidelines.

Work Description

IT Contact Centre Technical Support Agent is a person who:

  • Maintains a safe work environment
  • Maintains a functional technical support help desk
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of computer components and PC technology
  • Provides support to clients in their use of software applications
  • Supports clients with their installation of hardware, software and networking components
  • Implements logical troubleshooting techniques
  • Communicates effectively with clients, co-workers and supervisors
  • Demonstrates quality customer service skills
  • Creates and maintains required documentation
  • Demonstrates coaching and mentoring skills

On-the-Job Training

At the time of registration, an apprentice receives an Apprenticeship Schedule of Training. The Apprenticeship Schedule of Training outlines the skills training objectives or competencies to be learned on the job. These competencies equip an apprentice to work in the occupation as a certified skilled worker or "journeyperson". The employer or sponsor or trainer of the apprentice signs the relevant section of the training standard to indicate the progress of the apprentice in learning individual training objectives. This signature demonstrates that an apprentice has learned the skills established by industry that are essential for being a skilled worker.

Off-the-job Training

IT Contact Centre Technical Support Agent apprentices require three levels of theoretical and practical training. Depending on availability at the chosen delivery agency, this training may be completed in one of the following ways:

  • Block release
  • Day release
  • Part time
  • On-line

At the time of registration, the training consultant discusses the schooling options to arrange the most suitable option for the apprentice and the sponsor/employer.

Off-the-job training for IT Contact Centre Technical Support Agent apprentices includes 270 hours of instruction in:

LEVEL 1 - Common Core:

  • S0791.0 Information Technology Contact Centre Environment
  • S0792.0 Communications
  • S0793.0 Information Technology Contact Centre Technologies
  • S0794.0 Workplace Professionalism
  • S0795.0 Customer Service

LEVEL 2 - Technical Support Agent:

  • S0796.0 Computing Technologies
  • S0797.0 Desktop and Mobile Platforms
  • S0798.0 Operating Systems
  • S0799.0 Software Applications
  • S0800.0 Troubleshooting Techniques
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